About Kolkata Heartbeat

The reason I began this blog Kolkata Heartbeat is that as a Bong who's always lived away from Bengal, I never got the chance to develop a love for the city - until now. Every time I would visit Kolkata, I ended up spending all the days going from one relative's house to another. I'm sure some of you can relate to what I'm saying here. The tourist spots I remember managing to see are Victoria Memorial (in snatches, and I don't remember all of it, was quite small), the zoo, ummm...I guess that's it? 

There was hardly any scope of seeing the real Kolkata.

Of late, I can feel a sudden pull to this beautiful city. I don't know why or how this suddenly happened, but it did. And I wanted to create a space where I could share my love for this city - my way. I know there are a lot of 'informational' sites on Kolkata. Well, this is definitely not one of those. This is a space more of love and reality and of my own (and in some cases your) experiences of a city that I can biologically call home, if not technically yet.

I'm gonna share my experiences about this city here and I am thankful to each one of you who stops by, takes the time out to browse here, and especially if you have anything to say, I would love to hear your comments and feedback. If you would like to send me a private mail, do write in to me at deborummy@gmail.com and I will get back to you. Of course you can share all your stories and experiences here, but please make sure you also send me a recent photograph of yourself and your name details to go along with the story..

And if you feel like sharing something special about Kolkata, or simply doing some adda, you can still drop me a mail :-)

Ebaar aashi...bhaalo theko...and have fun

Debolina Raja Gupta
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