About Me

Who me? Well, Im Debolina Raja Gupta (yes, the typical Bong name as you can see). And I've been what you may call a probashi baangaali I guess, I think it means a Bong who doesn't live in Bengal? I've been born and brought up in Delhi all my life, and for the last many years been living in Mumbai. So hardly a chance yet of living in my City of Joy...though I do hope to live there someday.

Coming back to me, I'm working in the media/publishing and content industry and am also working additionally as a freelance writer, who is also a voracious blogger (I'm gonna use that term for my reading too, you'll see), a voracious reader (see, I told you), a products reviewer (beauty/health/accessories), a parenting blogger, and an occasional writer and poet (occasional can be interpreted as moody here). I'm also fond of traveling, music, dancing and photography. And when I get the time, I love to visit street kids and do something for them.

That's me in a nutshell. The reason I began this blog is that as a Bong who's always lived away from Bengal, I never got the chance to develop a love for the city - until now. And of late, I can feel a sudden pull to this beautiful city. I don't know why or how this suddenly happened, but it did. And I wanted to create a space where I could share my love for this city - my way. I know there are a lot of 'informational' sites on Kolkata. Well, this is definitely not one of those. This is a space more of love and reality and of my own (and in some cases your) experiences of a city that I can biologically call home, if not technically yet.

By the way, my daughter, who is a half-Bong and half-north-Indian, is already becoming more of a Bong with each passing day ;-) and loves everything from aaloo shedho bhaat to maachher jhol to roshogolla to robindro shongeet to mishti doi to shondesh. And of late she has taken a huuuuge liking to Dev...that movie star I only recently discovered exists!

I'm gonna share my experiences about this city here and I am thankful to each one of you who stops by, takes the time out to browse here, and especially if you have anything to say, I would love to hear your comments and feedback. If you would like to send me a private mail, do write in to me at deborummy@gmail.com and I will get back to you. Of course you can share all your stories and experiences here, but please make sure you also send me a recent photograph of yourself and your name details to go along with the story..

Ebaar aashi.....bhaalo theko..

- Debolina
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